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a short film




Mystery Subway Girl


Executive Producers

Director of Photography

Sound Recordist


Production Designer

Production Manager

Production Coordinator

Script Supervisor



Wardrobe Assistant

Production Assistant

Original Music Composer

Sound Designers


Eric Elizaga

Tracy Ju

Chen Yu

Howie Lam

Michaela McKee, Daniel McKeown

Daniel McKeown

Robert Bluemke

Marc Reina

Marta Castaing

Deno Williams

Spencer Light

William Sydney

Heidi Pakdel

Sarah Maiorino

Rose McKee

Amanda Louis

Reggie Ba-Pe III

Reggie Ba-Pe III, Benjamin Medillon

Kerry Ping

What do you do when you can’t let go of the person you love? In FADE, a 12 minute poetic film, we explore the habits of a man who is caught on the border between holding on to the comforts of what he knows or facing the reality of the life he has been living. A completely empty New York City is set as the backdrop for the quirky lead character, Mackenzie as we experience his typical days and nights. But does the stillness of his world get disturbed by a mysterious girl he sees during his daily commute or is her appearance an indication that it is time to move on?

Watch the Film

Production Stills

With a limited budget and crew, this film came into fruition with the tireless help of everyone involved.  

As the film is being sent out to film festivals and other competitions, stay tuned to view the complete film as soon as available.  


Until then, write me to be added to the mailing list or if you have any other questions or comments.  Hope to hear from you!

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